Welcome to the Klokhuis!

Dutch language & culture lessons for Pupils in New Jersey, New York & Connecticut. The school follows, as far as possible, the education system of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Contact? Click here or call 908-432-5830.


Help us!

This summer it is our wish to expand our library with 700 new books! That's two new books for each child. We are therefore asking for your help in achieving this goal. We invite all of you to get involved - grandmothers and fathers, aunts, uncles and friends alike! We ask you to select the book(s) you would like to donate money for from our wishlist. The name of your child along with that of the friend or relative will then appear inside the book on a special donation sticker that we have designed. More information



You can always ask for extra work if your child is absent from school. Voor all homework click on (Homework) to download work files and keep up-to-date with work.

Learn Dutch

Learn Dutch in a relaxed environment. Whether you are a beginner or just need to brush up on your grammar we can offer you the right course in both NYC and Summit. Click here for further details.


Nut Allergies

't Klokhuis is a nut free school. As well as peanuts, nuts that can cause allergic reations include almonds, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts en walnuts.

Klokhuis is supervised by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education
It is accredited by the Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad